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Electricity power generator with Diesel.

Who is Kusing

We are specialists in diesel generators, as well as developing solar for environmental generators. Kusing is a Chinese owned and operated company established in 2008 to manufacture diesel generator, solar generator in Guangzhou city of South China where It is famous with Canton Fair, and the third biggest city in China.


From China mainland and China Hongkong, our products are widely sent to individuals and companies in the world, our products are professional from design to making process to win the good reputation from the clients, and are constantly upgrading with design improvements then selling directly to the end users.

At Kusing, we are continuously developing new generators, as well as refining existing products to bring you strong and reliable generators to supply power for you.

With a high demand for Kusing generators across the world, experienced practices during these years, our high standard of finished products are always becoming a perfect equipment for mining work, island power source, building, supermaket, cooling container, airport, telcom station, factory, hospital, or a generator to power a small village, and so on where the site need power electricity.


What makes Kusing generators better?

With over 10 years experience in the industry,Kusing offers a friendly service combined with expert product knowledge and sound advice. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best power generator for their needs with the best prices world wide, amazing value for money and high quality products for peace of mind.

Minimum 1 Year or 1000 Hours Guarantee on all our products.


We have the best priced power gensets for sale and the largest range of generator 10-2250KVA for sale, why not give us a call?